Training calendar

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L'Atelier's training offer includes the following courses:



    Training courses which provide frequency certificate, dedicated to welders who maintain polyethylene pipe lines for the distribution of water and gas, according to UNI 9737 regulation.
  • PE GPL
    Course for welders of polyethylene pipes, according to thermo element contact or electrofucion process, to realize canalized networks for the distribution of fluid gas and petrol.
  • PP
    Course for welders of PPR pipes for the production of plant for water distribution into buildings and for the production of thermo plant.
  • THT
    toxic gases. Stop System theoretic and practical seminary about the proper use of "Stop System" equipment on polyethylene pipes line.


Specialized master

  • T.D.G.
    Course for gas distribution technicians. Complete and detailed knowledge for the daily control and coordination of contracting companies, in the projects fulfilment and in the organization and management of yards.


Renewal Area and Networks Reconstruction

  • NO-DIG
    Production of new networks with No-Dig technology.
    Methods for the networks renewal with limited execution of excavations.


Safety Area

  • MRP
    Maintaining of polyethylene networks in execution – NEW
  • MSAP
    maintaining of polyethylene and steel pipes line for the distribution of gas – NEW
  • PIAP
    Prompt Intervention on steel and polyethylene distribution networks – NEW
  • AAI
    Fire watching (high, medium and low risk)
  • DPI
    Individual Protection Device VdR Organization and fulfilment of risk rating.
  • ATEX1
    Atex regulation (D.Lgs 233/003). Problems and plant of sevi-gas and water companies. Application examples.
  • ATEX2
    Atex regulation (D.Lgs 233/003). Guideline application in gas working activities. Analysis and examples of operative process/DRAFTS Guidelines UNI CIG



  • IG001
    Post Gas meter – Distributer engagement
  • IG002
    Internal plant of gas network for domestic use, or similar.
  • IG003
    Test of present domestic gas plant.
  • IG004
    Planning, installation, testing and maintaining of internal gas plant for domestic use.
  • IG005
    Planning of internal gas plant for domestic use.
  • IG006
    The Conformity Declaration (according to L. 46/90)
  • IG007
    Plants of heat production and sanitary water for single housing units (installation, control, maintaining).
  • IG008
    Gas thermo plant, planning for fire prevention, installation, maintaining and conduction.
  • IG009
    Chimneys: constructive principles.
  • IG010
    Energy saving in buildings.
  • IG011
    Thermo plants in the respect of energy saving.
  • IG012
    New rules for the production and testing of thermo plants in buildings (DPR 551/99).
  • AEEG
    40-04 GAS PLANT SAFETY Resolution AEEG 40-04 – Assessment Activity.
  • AEEG
    168-04 Quality in services of gas distribution, measurement and sales AEEG 168-04 Indicator and obligation of service and safety.
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