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Tests performed by TTR Institute.

Mark the requested tests and CONFIRM with the botton at the end of the page For special request, please contact our technical service at laboratory performs tests according to the following product standards: EN12201 , EN1555 , ISO15873 , ISO15874 , ISO15875 ,ISO15494, UNI9737, UNITS 11344 , ISO17484, ISO21003 , UNI EN 1401, EN 1329 ,GW 355-A2, GW 355-B2, VP 609, DIN 8076,W534, W544,VP600, W542, G5614, DIN3387, EN13618, GW541, UNI11065, EN13766, EN13828, EN331, EN 15266, G5616, EN14800, EN13774, EN12729, W540, EN1488, EN1567, EN1414, EN13959, EN1213, EN1567, EN14141

Test Characteristic Test Method  
Anti-pollution check valves EN13959
Bending on multilayer pipe UNITS 11344 annexA
Bending tensile cycle test  ISO 13924 
Bending test under pressure EN 713
Carbon black content  ISO 6964 
Carbon black dispersion  ISO18553
Compression test CEI EN 50086-2-4
Constant load traction EN 712
Copper alloy stop valves EN1213
Corrugated Safety Metal Hose Assemblies For Gas EN14800
Crushing dechoesion test  ISO 13955/UNI 10521 
DSC Thermal scan ISO 11357
Dechoesion test ( Peel type )  ISO 13954/UNI 10521 
Determination of Ash content ISO 3451
Determination of Melt Flow Rate (MFR)  UNI EN ISO 1133 
Determination of adhesion  UNI ISO 36 / ISO 17454 
Determination of cohesive strength ( saddle )  ISO 13956 
Determination of density  ISO 1183 
Determination of dimension  UNI EN ISO 3126 
Determination of flex characteristichs ISO 178
Determination of gaseous flow rate/pressure drop realtionships  EN 12117 
Determination of resistence to crack propagation ( notch test )  ISO 13479 
Determination of ring stifness ISO 9969
Determination of the effects of immersion in liquid chemicals ISO 175
Determination of volatile content EN 12099
Devices to prevent pollution by backflow of potable water EN 12729
Expansion group EN1488
Fuel compatibility prEN 14125 PT 5.5.1
Fuel permeability and Swelling prEN 14125 PT 5.5.2 - 5.5.3
Gas valve for gas distrubution PN>16 bar EN13774
Gel Content  ISO 10147 
IZOD Impact ISO180
Impact loading resistence  EN1705 
Impact test ( Charpy )  ISO 9854 
Impact test ( saddle )  UNI EN 1716 
Impact test with scale method EN1411
Kit of steel corrugated pipes EN15266
Leakage test ( tapping tee )  NF T 54-970 
Leaktightness of seat an packing  ISO 5208 
Leaktightness under and after bending applied to the operating mechanism  EN 1680 
Leaktightness under bending with thermal cycling  EN1704 
Longitudinal regression ISO 2505
Longitudinal reversion test  EN 743 
Multilayer pipe flearing UNITS 11344 annexB
Ohmnical resistence ( electrofusion fittings )  NF T 54-066 
Operating torque Actuation mechanism resistence  EN 28233 
Oven test ( PVC fittings )  EN 763 
Oxidative induction test ( O. I. T )  UNI EN 728 ISO11357
PVC degree of gelification ISO 18373
Pipe impact test EN 744
Pressure Test at constant temperature  UNI EN 921- UNI EN ISO1167 
Pressure bending test  UNI 9561 DIN 8076 
Pressure cycle EN 12295
Regression curves ISO 9080
Resistance to elevated temperature cycling EN1055 ISO13257
Resistence to bending between supports  EN 12100 
Resistence to gas components UNITS 11344 annexC
Resistence to operating temperatures UNITS 11344 annexD
Resistence to tensile traction  UNI 9736 
Safety coefficient for electrofusion welding  NF T 54-969 
Stop resistance  ISO5208 + EN28233 
Tensile strength and failure mode on butt fused joint pieces  ISO 13953/UNI 10520 
Tensile test ( yealding load and elongation at break )  ISO 6259 
Tensile test with constant load  UNI 9561 DIN 8076 
Test for Welding licence  UNI 9737/ UNI 10520/ UNI 10521 
Testing of welded joint of Thermoplastic product  UNI EN 12814-4 
Thermal cycling test  EN 12293 /EN 12119 / ISO10508 / BS7291 /DVGW W534 
Thermal stability ISO21003 / W542
Traction Characteristic ISO 527
Vacuum test ( until –0.8bar )  EN 12294 
Valves for natural gas transportation in pipelines EN14141
Vicat test ISO 306
Water content  ISO 760 
Water pressure reducing EN1567
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